Cash for clunkers law could jumpstart auto sales

AutoNation Says ‘Clunker Law’ May Boost Sales by 10% (Update1) -
June 25 (Bloomberg) -- AutoNation Inc. said the “cash-for- clunkers” law President Barack Obama signed may increase new- vehicle sales at the largest publicly traded U.S. auto retailer by 10 percent through year end.

Another Maag & Wendler lawsuit.

Car hauler sues workers' comp administrator over discovery of private med info | Madison/St. Clair Record
Car hauler sues workers' comp administrator over discovery of private med info

6/18/2009 2:22 PM
By Kelly Holleran

A car hauler says he has been damaged by more than $100,000 after his workers' compensation administrator discovered some of his confidential medical information.

Chester Belleville says he began receiving workers' compensation from Zurich Services Corporation on March 18, 2008, after he was injured while working as a car hauler.

Jack Cooper Lawsuit

Injured car haulers target Jack Cooper Transport | Madison/St. Clair Record
Injured car haulers target Jack Cooper Transport

6/19/2009 12:33 PM
By Kelly Holleran

Two car haulers and their wives are suing an employee of Jack Cooper Transport, alleging the haulers fell while walking on the rigs of trailers.

Gary and Diana Smith and John and Jackie Street filed two separate lawsuits June 11 in Madison County Circuit Court against Roger Owens.

The Smiths say Gary Smith was performing his normal duties as a car hauler on Oct. 30, 2007, when he was injured while maneuvering on the upper deck of the rig.

The Streets say John Street fell while using a Cotrell rig on Oct. 26, 2007.

The rigs were supposed to have a non-skid paint surface, but the Smiths allege many Jack Cooper Transport employees have been injured while walking on the upper deck of rigs in attempt to accomplish their trucking duties.

"Jack Cooper Transport and its officers, directors and supervisors have been aware for many years that its employees claim to have been injured in the above described manner and may bring product liability lawsuits," the complaints say. "Jack Cooper Transport has participated in such lawsuits both formally and informally over the years."

So after Gary Smith's and John Street's falls, Roger Owens, the Jack Cooper Transport employee named as a defendant, ordered the trailers on which the men fell to be refurbished after their accidents, according to the complaints.

Owens failed to preserve the trailer on which Gary Smith fell, according to the complaint.

Now, the trailer as it existed on the date of Gary Smith's accident is unavailable for forensic analysis and Gary Smith and John Street say they could potentially lose their rights to compensation.
The Smiths and the Streets are each seeking a judgment of more than $50,000, plus costs.

Peter J. Maag of Wendler Law in Edwardsville will be representing them.

A collector by heart.

Welcome! Thank you for LOUCKING into my site.

I recently realized that I am a collector by nature. I love collecting and I love all that I collect.

I started with pencils during my younger days and everything else followed suit. My duck collection started in 1998, then came my jigger and shotglass collection in 1999. It was soon followed by my cutter collection, my Friends CDs collection, my Disney & Pixar movies collection, my office tools collection, my PC gadgets collection and my wonderful vinyl toys collection.

But my true love now is my diecast MINI COOPER collection. It started last 2005 and is still growing to date. It grew from 6 to 600 and still counting. Am truly proud of this collection so I hope you will enjoy LOUCKING at them as much as I enjoy every bit and second of collecting them. Enjoy!



Nowhere to go but up?

Car buyers may be cautiously coming back - Autos-
May sales data appeared to confirm a bottoming in the U.S. car market, however. On Tuesday, Ford Motor Co. reported a 24 percent drop in U.S. sales for May, but sales were up 20 percent from April. GM's sales in May fell 30 percent versus a year ago, but were up 11 percent from April.

Visited in Dominica

It is a blog after a long time restart.
It works hard and we will deliver various information.

Ther are photographs of the visit in January to the Dominican Republic.
It is a photograph where a lot of cars sent from Japan before the restriction is revised are being carried out by the customhouse.

The customhouse was crowded recently ・・・

Jack Cooper Lawsuit

Madison County Record | Jack Cooper Transport sued by car hauler
Jack Cooper Transport sued by car hauler

6/4/2009 12:43 PM
By Kelly Holleran

A Missouri resident and his wife have filed suit against the company that trained the man, alleging his back was injured because of car hauler work he performed.

William Henderson and Angie Henderson say William Henderson was injured while operating ratchet tie down systems in November 2007 for his employer, Jack Cooper Transport Company.  (click link to read more)

I think Wendler & Maag are some of the attorneys working on this-- same ones who went after Cassens, Cottrell, et. al. 

Portland car hauler repair shop

Didn't realize this, but Gary and Curtis up at Pacific Coast Truck and Trailer have now passed their five year mark in business. They specialize in car hauler repair, and perform warranty work on Cottrells. They also have a Take 3 trailers, and stock a few trailers at their shop. They are right off I-5, so if you're heading through Portland and need a hydraulic repair or some welding, keep them in mind. For those of you who used to use the Boydstun repair shop, you'll appreciate that they are much closer to the highway! Here's their phone number, just to make life easier for you. (866) 335-3707
Louck's latest MINI Hauls

Hordes of MINIs on display

Louck's MINIs @ WTC_August 2007

CAMPI Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS1)

Louck's MINIs @ SM Mall of Asia_June 2008
Diecastcar Collector of the Phils._Fathers' Day Celebration

Louck's MINIs @ WTC_August 2008
CAMPI Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS2)

Louck's MINIs @ Robinsons Midtown _October 2008
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MINI Hors D'Ĺ“uvre

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ReMINIscing BiniMINI's Milestones

ReMINIscing BiniMINI's Milestones

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.... over five hundred MINIs ....

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.... going three hundred ....

.... more than a hundred MINIs ....

.... with only 40 MINIs ....

Louck's version of the

Paul Smith Mini

Where will the GM cars be hauled?

GM says it will try to close 2,100 dealerships as part of reorganization - San Jose Mercury News

Somebody said they needed cars to haul?

OK, so now they're talking about closing 2100 dealerships instead of the 1100 they were talking about last month. The question that springs to my mind is this: Where are all those cars going to go? Other dealers? Back to GM? Are they going to sink them off the coast of Florida and create valuable habitat for marine life?

It's rumored that the units will go back to GM, and then be re-distributed to the remaining dealers. Seems more likely that this would happen on paper, rather than at fifty cents a mile. Even if they apportion cars on paper, and then transfer [physically, not financially] dealer to dealer, it's still a huge logistical problem.

Who is going to broker out these loads? The Secretary of the Treasury?

I don't think so. If I had to bet, I'd lay money on your good old neighborhood delivery man: UPS. For years, UPS has sent their consultants into some of the largest manufacturers in the US to squeeze cost out of their inbound and outbound logistics chains. If I was looking to sell the services of my large fleet of auto transport trucks, I'd be calling 1-800-PICK-UPS and trying to find out how to get on their short list of service providers.

GM Bankruptcy

BBC NEWS | Business | GM enters bankruptcy protection
What this means for car haulers pulling GM product is anybody's guess.