EZ Dispatch: web application for car haulers

I guess I've known Dave from EZ Dispatch for at least a couple years now, so when I got a call last weekend from him letting me know he was going to be in the area, I jumped at the chance to check out his new bar code scanner.

What the heck is EZ Dispatch, and why you should you care? Just possibly the best thing you've never heard of before that could make your job easier!

I drove out to meet Dave at his hotel in my son's 1992 Toyota Tercel, and he started his demonstration by scanning the VIN on the door frame with the Barracoda scanner. When we got back to his room to check out the results on his laptop (the scanner connects wirelessly via Bluetooth), he told me how much my kid's car weighs-- 1950 pounds!

Using this system, a driver can scan in a load and print bills of lading in minutes! Not only that, but the dispatcher can see what cars have been picked up or dropped off in real time, which means better customer service and faster billing (always a good thing).

But the time savings only starts with the driver-- back at the office, the system can download invoices straight into Quickbooks, so you don't have to re-type all that vehicle information in!

Currently, Dave has two different bar code scanners that work great with laptops, and his system will also work with cell phones that have data capabilities (web enabled phones, or "WEP" for short)

Having seen this system, I don't know why anyone with a car hauler business wouldn't subscribe to this service... unless they enjoy filling out paperwork. Dave hauled cars for years, so you can be sure he'll give you a straight answer and not a bunch of "Technical-ese" that you won't understand. To find out more, go to http://ezdispatch.com/