Weekly Retail On-Highway Diesel Prices

Weekly Retail On-Highway Diesel Prices The graph toward the bottom of this page (click link) tells it all.

Interest Rates... will still go up, signals Fed

Update 8: Greenspan Signals Further Rate Increases - Forbes.com And for those of you paying attention to regional housing markets, Greenspan actually referred to them as "a bubble". With the gap widening between housing prices and real income growth, as well as the numbers of buyers using interest-only variable mortgages, we could be looking at a bubble "pop" that will make the 2000 bust in tech stocks look small by comparison.

GM loses in the second quarter.

Stocks Lower on Disappointing GM Report - Forbes.com

The bad news keeps coming from Detroit. Makes you wonder how long until the Chinese try to buy them.

Reader Post: RJ Rezner

Got this in my email this morning: (If anybody knows anything more about this company, let me know.)

There is aweb site that calls themselves the ebay of the shipping industry, they are a group of techies who
are @%$#$%$##. I have been fighting them and have
reported them to the TX DOT, but I don't know if they will/can do anything. These jerks are letting NON DOT haulers bid on hauling un-suspecting 1st in a life time people who need to ship their househld item or cars somewhere. AND they don't care, I know, I have
talked with them on th e Phone about it ( talked to
Mickey Milsap 512-573-7395 of uship.com) some are Haulers are legal, some have comm Ins., but not DOT#'s others are jackleg road trippers hauling any thing they can and don't even know that there are rules about this OR THAT their Personal INS is not going to cover them if they cause an accident and Have to use
their INS.... it called www.uship.com can u see
what you can do to make them insure all haulers who bid on these loads are dot legal or at least have Comm