Chinese Car Hauler

I can only imagine what the hell that thing weighs!

The lowest profile e track clip for auto tie-down in the history of the universe.

Allows you to use the strongest 6M E-track fitting on horizontal e-track without putting a twist in your wheel straps.  A must-have item for anybody hauling high end vehicles in an enclosed trailer.  Several different strap set-ups available with this piece of hardware.  This is one of the more popular ones.

What is the best smart phone for car haulers?

I have absolutely no idea.  But as I am on my THIRD warranty replacement for a Motorola Droid Razr, I can tell you that this is one tricky little phone you'll want to avoid.  As a business owner, I live on my phone, so having a phone with a screen that locks up in the middle of a call... or worse, won't even let me dial... pure pain.  The Droid Razr is a fast, beautiful phone... it's wonderful in every way, except for when it locks up and won't let you make phone calls.  It's a great phone for a college student, or someone who just wants something to surf the web at Verizon's blazing 4G speeds.  But as for me, I am a knuckle-dragging, troglodyte who primarily uses his phone to... well.. make and receive phone calls.  I think I'm going to trade this beautiful new phone for a scratched up iPhone 4 at the second hand shop.