Landcuriser is NO.1!

Today i went to stock yard in Yokohama pot, and checked cars conditin .
because its must to take custom entry tomorrow.
after that these cars ship to Africa.

recentry buyer order us high class car than low price car.
especially Landcruiser (COLORADO) and landcruiser Prado (AMAZON) is very popular.
Is Africa prosperity although Japan is dull?

hisgh quality car sale:

you can buy car at car auction directry:

The healthy body dwells in healthy soul.

In my free time I practice "Nippon-Kenpo" which is the oldest Japanese martialarts, even older than "Judo".

Every day I am trained my body and spirit by Nippon-kenpo.

To train my body and spirit is important for me.

There is reason ,the balance of the heart and the body have a great influence with my job, i think



I am Takahiro.
please call me Taka.

I manage of auto trading campany and dealing with much country dealer.
A custom is various for every country.
so i think it is very important to know each other.
if you interested me,i am very happy.

introduce our self.
name:Takahiro Iwasaki
age : 31
country : Japan
family : wife,son
campany : AutoTrading Rock Co.,Ltd

No more Caterpillar engines for the US?

Light & Medium Truck | Caterpillar Exits U.S. Truck Market, Partners With Navistar: "Caterpillar Exits U.S. Truck Market, Partners With Navistar

In an agreement that signaled a major shift in the U.S. and international commercial truck markets, Navistar International and Caterpillar Inc. said Thursday they will pursue business opportunities around the world together as Caterpillar bowed out of the North American medium- and heavy-duty engine mark"

CEO of strikebound car hauler: Company to close -

CEO of strikebound car hauler: Company to close - "'Unfortunately, for reasons we do not fully understand, the Teamsters concluded that it was not in their interest to accept our offer,' Cornish wrote.

'Management and many of our Teamster members were willing to make the requested sacrifices to save the company, but the leadership of the union had a different agenda,' Cornish added.

Ford spokesman Todd Nissen and Toyota spokesman Xavier Dominicis said Friday evening that the automakers have had contingency plans in place since the Teamsters struck PTS, which is one of many companies contracted to haul vehicles.

'This won't have a bearing initially on our ability to deliver cars out to the customers,' Nissen said. Alternatives might include greater use of railroads to deliver vehicles, he said."

PTS group ceases operations

| Business | "Car hauler decides to cease operations

DETROIT -- Performance Transportation Services' president said Friday that the car hauler and its related companies are ceasing operations, five days after 1,250 Teamster employees went on strike. Allen Park, Mich.-based PTS is North America's second-largest hauler of new vehicles and operated under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The company anticipated negotiating a long-term contract during that time, but the Teamsters instead went on strike Monday. -- The Associated Press"

Teamsters back on Ford jobs | courier-journal | The Courier-Journal

Teamsters back on Ford jobs | courier-journal | The Courier-Journal

Workers who load railcars with new vehicles are earning slightly less but still receiving the same health and pension benefits at the Louisville Assembly and Kentucky Truck plants.

A deal worked out by Teamsters Local 89 President Fred Zuckerman with Auto Port Ltd. has 435 Teamsters working for $17 and $18 an hour, instead of $20 to $22. Workers retained health and pension benefits worth roughly $500 a week, he said.

Car hauler: Strike may sink company

Car hauler: Strike may sink company: "Car hauler: Strike may sink company
Bankrupt PTS cuts pay 15%; Teamsters walk out
Louis Aguilar and David Shepardson / The Detroit News

A strike against the nation's No. 2 car hauler could force the company quickly out of business, the company's chief executive said Monday, a sentiment some striking Teamsters members said they were prepared to accept rather than take a temporary pay cut."

Chrysler Asks Contractors to Cut Prices

Light & Medium Truck | Chrysler Asks Contractors to Cut Prices: "Chrysler Asks Contractors to Cut Prices

By Light & Medium Truck

Chrysler LLC told contractors including office-supply vendors and construction companies to accept a 5% price reduction that began June 1, Bloomberg News reported."

I haven't heard from anybody if this request includes auto transport companies hauling Chrysler product.

Union car haulers walk off job in 15 states -

Union car haulers walk off job in 15 states - "Union car haulers walk off job in 15 states"

Teamsters strike against Allen Park car hauler

Teamsters strike against Allen Park car hauler: "Teamsters strike against Allen Park car hauler
The Detroit News

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters sent its members on strike at 9 this morning against the nation's No. 2 car hauler in the United States in a dispute over court-approved pay cuts and other contract issues.

The union is upset that Performance Transportation Services, which delivers 2.7 million vehicles a year including 10,400 vehicles a day for General Motors Corp., Ford Motor Co. and Toyota Motor Corp., won federal bankruptcy court approval to immediately impose a 15 percent pay cut on 1,250 Teamster drivers through July 31."

OK-- if you are a secondary hauler for Toyota-- make sure you have some wheel straps. Your phone is about to ring.

Teamsters may strike at PTS

Teamsters may strike car hauler that cut pay: "Teamsters may strike car hauler that cut pay"

If you are listed with Toyota as a secondary supplier, you better make sure you've got your ratchet wheel straps ready to go or on order!

I remember a few years ago when Volkswagen of America dropped Allied and went with their secondaries. We sold out of wheel straps in about two hours.

GM truck plant closure points the way to a smaller future. Canada: "Truck output will end at plants in Oshawa, Ontario; Moraine, Ohio; Janesville, Wisconsin; and Toluca, Mexico. The factories produce models such as the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra large pickups, TrailBlazer and Envoy SUVs and medium-duty trucks.

The plants will close in 2009 and 2010 and probably won't reopen, Wagoner said. They employ a total of 7,590 hourly and 676 salaried employees, the company said."

This is another sign of the times, just like the Suburbans you see on the side of the road with "For Sale" signs in the window.

The North American auto business is slowly but surely relocating to the southeastern United States. As GM and Ford shutter assembly plants in the midwest, and as foreign automakers break ground in Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia, auto manufacturing jobs, plus the machining jobs of suppliers, plus the jobs at the other end of the factory-- the auto transport work-- is slowly but surely moving to the Southeast where the land is plentiful and the unions are scarce.

If you read the article I've linked to, you will see that the head of the union in the near the Canadian plant slated for closure said that the union would fight GM on this.

Make no mistake: the current downturn in the business cycle is masking a broader structural shift in auto manufacturing, and by extension, auto transport. The old American behemoths, GM, Ford and Chrysler, can no longer compete effectively. They are hamstrung by their obligations to the Union-- paying insurance costs for widows who are living longer and longer and requiring more and more expensive medical care.

Even a financial genius would have had a hard time playing the hand that has been dealt to the big American automakers... but they have certainly been playing at a sub-genius level. Consider the fact that Ford virtually ceded the passenger car market to Toyota and Honda in the last decade. (Remember back in the nineties, when the Ford Taurus was the #1 selling car in America?) They basically just put granny on the iceberg in their rush to produce more F-150s, Explorers and Expeditions.

Well, you reap what you sow. As the world's emerging economies compete with the U.S. for commodities like oil and steel, don't expect fuel prices to go back down just because Americans start buying more fuel efficient cars from Kia, Hyundai, Toyota and Hyundai (and, occasionally, Ford, GM and Chrysler).

I think we can expect future business cycles to depart from the usual boom-bust cycle of past decades. It seems we have entered a period where energy prices will consume a much larger percentage of everyone's budget. Couple this with the rising US budget deficits and the rising costs of Medicare and Social Security as the baby boomers start to retire, and it is not hard to imagine a future in which the majority of car owners keep their vehicles for 10 years or more, because they're spending all their money on adult day care for their parents, $12 per gallon fuel and a 60% combined tax on their income.

The car haulers who stay busy will be the ones hauling tiny little electrics and hybrids made by Kia, Hyundai, Toyota, Honda et. al. in the southeastern U.S.

Mabro Auto Transport: SOLD!

Just found out about this deal today... apparently, Pasha has taken over Mabro. I knew that Pasha has a small fleet of trucks down in Huntington Beach, CA where they haul cars to be put on ships going to Hawaii-- but after a quick visit to their website, I see their operations cover quite a bit more ground than that. To see Pasha's automotive logistics locations, click here.

I wonder if this is just the first wave of new mergers and acquisitions as auto transport continues to get slammed by rising fuel prices and stagnant and declining load prices? In the current economic conditions, it seems that California houses aren't the only assets with "For Sale" signs in the front yard.