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Some of the posts in this part of the forum make a lot of sense. Frank discussion of issues related to the car hauling industry.

Hiace ship to Africa

Good morning.
today Hiace ship to Africa.
recently inquiries seems to reduced from Africa eria.

by one account,It is a thing that sub prime shock in USA has influenced.
how about your country?

anyway,let's work!

Performance Transportation Services

If PTS, Hadley, E&L, etc. owe you any money, then you should know that there is a creditor's meeting on August 25, 2008 at 9:00AM.
Location: Office of the U.S. Trustee, 42 Delaware Avenue, Suite 110, Buffalo, NY 14202

May the force be with you.

New alloy tie-down bar for car haulers

This might be of interest to any of you car haulers who are sick of buying tie-down bars that look like they need Viagra after just one use! Click here for more info.

Attention Acura Car Haulers

Just heard Acura is getting rid of tie-down holes in the frame for model year 2009. Honda will probably be next. It's a strap-on world!

GM Cuts Dividend, Payrolls to Add Cash

Light & Medium Truck | GM Cuts Dividend, Payrolls to Add Cash: "General Motors Corp., buffeted by a U.S. sales collapse and three years of losses, suspended its stock dividend, cut salaried payroll by 20% and proposed selling assets to raise at least $15 billion in the next 18 months, Bloomberg News reported."

I was talking with someone I know at an enclosed trailer manufacturer in the Detroit area, and he says that a lot of the fleets hauling domestic vehicles have one third of their trucks parked.

Madison County Record | No punitives allowed in Cottrell personal injury, judge rules

Madison County Record | No punitives allowed in Cottrell personal injury, judge rules: "No punitives allowed in Cottrell personal injury, judge rules

7/2/2008 7:48 PM
By Steve Korris

Madison County Circuit Judge Dave Hylla will not allow trucker Michael Mandeville to claim punitive damages from the company that built the trailer he hauled.

Hylla dismissed two counts for punitive damages against Cottrell Inc., of Georgia, on June 19."

Auction result

Yesterday Auction result is .....
2 cars won to bid ,3 cars fail to bid.
one part of cars that i got is Toyota Landcruiser Prado(Amazon).
model :KZJ95 (deasel turbo) auction Grade is "4" ,8setas.
price is ........
FOB USD 8,800!!
that is very cheap price!!
next is your time!

Ask and ye shall receive higher paying loads... maybe.

Had an interesting conversation about load prices with a car hauler today. He told me the first thing he says in every conversation with brokers and dealers is this: "I'm going to need more money."

He said that most of the people he does business with on a regular basis understand what's going on with fuel prices, and a typical reply is-- "OK, what do you need?" Followed by, "OK, I'll call the customer."

He says most guys call right back and tell him OK.

Of course you're wondering-- "What about the guys that don't want to hear about fuel prices?"

He tells them, "Sorry, can't do it for that."

With all the folks that are heading for the exit door, I think that the momentum is going to start shifting in favor of the driver as there are less and less trucks available. Cars will sit for two weeks, three weeks or more on the load boards... brokers will start having to explain the facts of life to their customers. Load prices will start to inch up as brokers play the cat-and-mouse game to find out how efficiently they can price these loads and have them picked up in a timely fashion.

And naturally, the transport companies that prosper will be the ones that don't rely exclusively on load boards for the majority of their billing. The ones that develop long-term business relationships with reputable brokers, dealers, moving companies will not be the ones suffering from selling their service wholesale on a load board while fuel gobbles up half of their revenue.

So... repeat after me...

"I'm going to need more money."
"Sorry, I can't haul your cars for that price."

The Autohauler Shopper Forums • View topic - Help please - Kansas is OUT OF CONTROL

The Autohauler Shopper Forums • View topic - Help please - Kansas is OUT OF CONTROL: "Help please - Kansas is OUT OF CONTROL"

Wedge car haulers-- beware! State D.O.T. officials and cops have their own ideas about what is legal, and you'll want to know what they are before you try to haul cars in states with which you are unfamiliar!