Katrina Delivers Blow to an Already Flattening Economy

Katrina Delivers Blow to an Already Flattening Economy

Well I moved my money out of stocks. Could be some buying opportunities once the stock market settles down and the regional real estate bubbles pop.

Trucker evacuates, hauling vehicles along with family

Trucker evacuates, hauling vehicles along with family: "When trucker David Manchester of a New Orleans suburb heard Saturday
that his company wanted an emergency run to a parish south of the city
to haul out new cars, he became concerned."

Some more places to buy car hauler straps (wheel straps)...

Click here to go to wheel straps on Ebay.
Click here to go to auto hauler straps for classic car transport in Hemmings classified section.

Car Hauler News Exclusive: Slip Plate (TM) Has Competition!

Time was, Slip Plate brand graphite lubricant was the graphite to lubricate your carhauler's posts and decks. Carhauler News has found that another major graphite manufacturer has jumped into the carhauler market with both feet first. Asbury Graphite, a division of Asbury Carbon, is now producing a product called Slide 'n Glide. It has a mineral spirit base, which means it can be shipped by regular UPS-- no more $82 freight bills for one gallon!

Asbury Graphite is an OEM supplier to Cottrell Trailers.

Once the busy season gets over, you guys know you should get back to the shop and sand off those old posts and put on some fresh graphite! Asbury Graphite sells Slide and Glide in gallons and quarts, as well as spray cans.

If you're a diehard Slip Plate fan, I think CF Bender has the best price and delivery.

If you want to try the new Slide and Glide or Slide 'n Glide graphite for carhaulers, you can buy it from the following companies:

The Graphite Store
Truck and Tow
The Car Hauler Super Store
Autohauler Supply


Kia Motor Corporation is currently discussing to build a production plant in the state of Mississippi in the United States. A group official announced that “We will decide whether to set up the plant and craft detailed plans after considering the scale of the U.S. market and its prospects”. If the plans are executed the corporation will have production facilities in three major auto markets by 2010 as it already has a Chinese plant plus a Slovakian plant due for completion next year.
Date : 2005-08-19 08:54:38 (from EUKOR website)

KATRINA UPDATE: Lost port’s massive ripple effect

KATRINA UPDATE: Lost port’s massive ripple effect: "To handle this enormous flow of goods, New Orleans has become the

country’s most intermodal port. About 75 truck lines, 50 ocean

carriers, 16 barge lines and six class one rail lines help to move

cargo in and out of the port, an average of 11.2-million tons per year.

No wonder Standard & Poor’s estimated on Tuesday that Katrina could

slightly lower the entire nation’s economic growth for the third


Carhaul Network

Carhaul Network is now online. Their subscription service gives you the opportunity to look for cars on their load board. They also have a detailed links page with DOT information relating to safety and compliance issues.

Other loadboards on the web:

Cars Arrive (I don't think they offer free trial) http://www.carsarrive.com/ca_home_flash.htm
I don't know these guys, but their website looks pretty slick.

CarloadUSA (does offer free trial) http://www.carloadusa.com/
This one is run by my buddy, Roland. Last time I checked, it had 2,300 loads to choose from.

Central Dispatch (does offer free trial) http://www.centraldispatch.com/
I haven't looked at their board, but I've heard several guys say they use them.

If you're looking for extra cars to fill out a load, I think these types of services can be pretty useful. If you have three slots a month you fill because of them, that more than pays for the subscription.

Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update

Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update

Bloomberg.com: Top Worldwide

Bloomberg.com: Top Worldwide: "GM's U.S. Sales Fall; Ford's Rise Less Than Expected (Update6)"

Carhauler News Prediction: Toyota buys GM within the next 30 months.