Another car hauling GOTCHA! to watch out for.

Customer called up today and told me he had a vehicle with a leaking battery on the top deck.  Underneath this leaking battery was a nice new Mercedes.  So now he is on the hook for a paint job.  Anybody know of any good ways to prevent this sort of thing?

More wheel straps in your future.

Just heard from Rick at Western Automotive Transport that he's required to wheel strap Subarus and all GM cars when he transports rental cars.  Now we've got Hyundai/Kia going strap in some markets.  Nissan and Chrysler phasing them in this year. 

CJ&M Out of Business

Called up CJ&M today and the lady answered the phone Pacific Auto Transport.  She said CJ&M closed their doors on December 8th, 2010.  Called up Mike Jr. over at Pacific to see what the story was, but he wasn't available. 

Allied owner operators needing wheel straps for Toyotas

Been getting quite a few calls from Allied drivers finally making the switch over from chain to wheel straps.  Guess they were given a little bit longer grace period by Toyota to get all strapped up!  Anyway, if you're an Allied owner operator in need of ratchet wheel straps or chain-tightened wheel straps, this is the set-up most car haulers are getting.  

Fits the deck plate following trailer makes and models:
  • Cottrell
  • Boydstun
  • Delavan
  • Take 3
  • Wally Mo 
Does NOT fit deck plates of these trailers:
  • Sun Valley
  • Miller 
  • Sun Country

Ford rolls out electric Focus at Consumer Electronic Show in Vegas

Automotive News TV (1/7/11)

Ford's CEO says that in ten years, 25% of Ford's passenger car sales could be electric vehicles. Pretty interesting that they rolled this new vehicle out at the Consumer Electronics Show rather than the Detroit Auto Show. For an interesting video from Automotive News, click the link above.

More news on the electric Focus from the Huffington Post

Disclaimer: The publisher of Carhauler News owns Ford stock and thinks people should probably buy Fords.

Another Cottrell Lawsuit

Hylla denies summary judgment in Cottrell suit | Madison/St. Clair Record
Hylla denies summary judgment in Cottrell suit
1/7/2011 6:16 AM By Steve Korris

Two men who saw trucker Michael Mandeville fall from a car-hauling trailer swore he landed over there but now swear he landed over here.

Mark Mumaw and Andrew Swallom changed their deposition testimony about the accident in affidavits for Mandeville's suit against Georgia trailer maker Cottrell Inc.

Mandeville's lawyer, Brian Wendler of Edwardsville, filed the affidavits in December, along with a new one from Mandeville.
 Click link above to read the complete article from the original newspaper.

Dangerous customers for car haulers: Update

Update 03/9/11
Called up Antonio to see how he's doing, and he has shut down his car hauling business while he finishes physical therapy. He says there's no way to afford $1000 a month insurance while he's recuperating from the accident.  The customer who ran into him with her car after he unloaded is now being charged for a felony hit and run, because she wouldn't give him any insurance information.  According to Antonio, the lady claimed that her relationship was with the auto transport broker, so she felt it was unnecessary!

Just talked to a customer and was horrified to hear that he was bed-ridden after being run-over by a customer whose car he had just delivered!  He said he didn't remember much-- just hearing a noise and then falling and blacking out.  He was standing next to his truck when struck by the driver, who was an elderly lady.  I asked if he thought the lady stepped on the gas instead of the brake, but he can't remember what happened.  BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!  Don't assume people are going to do what they're supposed to do.  This guy was run over though no fault of his own, and now has to look forward to MRI scans, tests and therapy to try and get his life back in order.  There are worse things out there than brokers who don't pay you on time.

Child support, Florida and your non-existent CDL

Just talked to a driver who was bailing his brother out of jail.  Apparently in Florida when you get behind in your child support payments they suspend your driver's license.  He found this out when he got arrested at the weigh station for driving with an expired license.  OK I get that Florida is serious about getting people to honor their obligations to their kids, but this strikes me as heavy-handed and counter-productive.  For instance, if you wanted to get somebody's attention in a similar fashion, the court could issue a bench warrant for the guy's arrest for non-payment of child support.  It accomplishes the same thing-- gets the individual's full, undivided attention... without damaging his ability to earn an income and thus pay the child support.  Ridiculous.

Accurate Auto Transport Bankruptcy Auction

Accurate Auto Carriers equipment auction

Auction will be held Jan 20th, 2011 at 10AM in Romulus, MI and via webcast.  Click on link for more info.

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