Free money for car haulers*

Proposition 1B Funding: "Proposition 1B, the wide-reaching transportation bond voters approved in 2006, included one billion dollars to fund projects that reduce air pollution associated with freight movement along California’s trade corridors. The first $25 million of that funding was allocated by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) in February, 2008 to “early start” projects that are ready for quick implementation, and the AQMD received $13.8 million for truck projects."

*Sort of. Kim Foster of Pasha Group actually managed to finagle some of this money for his company, which is in the process of acquiring seven new Cottrell strap units.
Kim says that in return for $100,000 grant money per truck, recipients have to meet California's more stringent environmental regulations. He says it's an 8 year agreement with the state of California. Here are just a few of the requirements:

200 visits to the port per year, per truck
All trucks have to be California plated vehicles (all in-state)
98% of the miles have to be in the stated corridor (I 15 corridor from San Diego up to L.A. Mira Loma area.)
Company trucks are subject to GPS monitoring by state. There is also additional compliance reporting, viz.; fuel reports and drivers' logs (on top of regular reports)
They have to DESTROY the old trucks they are replacing.
And if anything changes in the eight years of the agreement, the company agrees to pay California ALL of the money back.

But in exchange for this, the Prop 1B funding is giving this particular company $700,000 to go toward new trucks. Only in California.

Pot calling kettle black?

Madison County Record | Maag accuses Cottrell of dirty tricks in removing suit to federal court
Maag accuses Cottrell of dirty tricks in removing suit to federal court

12/11/2008 8:18 AM
By Steve Korris

EAST ST. LOUIS - Georgia trailer maker Cottrell improperly removed a Tennessee man's injury suit from Madison County to federal court, according to attorney Thomas Maag of Wendler Law in Edwardsville.

Car hauler equipment below cost!

This is an unbelievable deal. The price includes F.E.T!! Anybody buying a truck in the next year or two will look back and wished they'd bought this one, NEW 2007 MODEL YEAR WESTERN STAR 4900FA, S60 Det 515 HP, 13 Spd OD, Eng Brake, a/r susp, 3.21 Ratio, 249" WB, 48" Star Light Slpr-Low Roof, 255/70R22.5s, Alum Whls, 14,600# FA,40,000# RA, 10 Cars, 2008 COTTRELL 3 car SL H/R, air wgt gauge, LED lights, slider deck over tandem, sliding 5th whl tlr., 2008 Cottrell 7510ST intraxx axle & susp., lift kit truck & tlr., alum flipper, tandem drop pockets, recessed L3 track, 7 night load lights, , air gauges, strobe lights RU, Stk #NEW Z23969/247901
Click here for more info.
Quick lesson in Contrarian Economics. Most folks would agree that it's almost always a good idea to pay less for an asset than more. The folks who really need new trucks for their business... but delay... are missing a huge opportunity to do just that. I mean, this here is a chance to pay a lot less. The folks who wait are going to pay $20,000 more for equipment when times are good and the dealers have more customers competing for their equipment. (Anybody remember 2006-2007?) Can I get an Amen? Most of the people I know who've got more money than me have two things in common-- and not paying retail is one of them. Ok, sermon over.

Autohauler Shopper Newsletter December 2008

Autohauler Shopper Newsletter December 2008: There's a ton of info in this month's issue. Lowering kits. New Boydstun trailer video. Cottrell dealer selling below cost. Car hauling jobs for company drivers and owner operators. Some new repair shops you might not have hard of yet that specialize in car hauler trailer repair. Plus it's written in complete sentences, unlike this article!

Chain to strap car trailer retro-fit

If you are one of the car haulers that have been told that you have to strap cars down to the trailer, you might want to check out T&C Welding's new Flat Foot Safety System. They have figured out a way to modify C10, C12 and C14 trailers so you can load them flat on the ground. They will also convert your chain ratchet boxes to straps, if you want to get away from using hand ratchet wheel straps. They have done a bunch of them already and have been having good luck with them. Cost for the basic Flat Foot Safety System conversion is about $5,500. (the wheel strap kit is additional)