Russian Holiday for Auto Transporters

I'm not making this up. I swear. Apparently, this is a holiday for highway construction workers, but at first glance, it sure looked like a vacation day for auto haulers!

MOSCOW, October 29 (RIA Novosti) - President Vladimir Putin congratulated the Russian auto transport industry's workers with their professional holiday, the Kremlin press office said Sunday.

"The auto transport and road complexes are rightfully considered to be among the key and strategic branches of the domestic economy whose development is prioritized by the state," the president's congratulatory letter says. The timely delivery of passengers and cargoes and the strengthening of interregional and international ties largely depend on the technical condition of automobile roads and transport and their efficient operation," the letter says.

"Today your most important goals include the tasks to improve the transport infrastructure, enhance road safety and make the environmental situation better," the congratulatory letter says.

Different Ways of Analyzing Success

This is from a Canadian newspaper that covers the auto business news. Honda is cautiously optimistic about sales, because profit slipped about 4%. GM said that only losing 115 million last quarter was due to the success of their reorganization. Daimler Chrysler's losses are so extensive, many scientists believe they may have actually "broken off" from our reality, and may in fact now operate from a parallel universe where women buyers yearn for Dodge Chargers and the new look of the Chrysler 300.

Full story below is from The Chronicle Herald:

GM, DaimlerChrysler post losses; Honda profits up

DETROIT (AP) — After months of restructurings, job cuts, management changes and other moves to lift their fortunes, U.S. automakers still are posting losses as market share slips further toward their Asian rivals.

General Motors Corp. and DaimlerChrysler AG’s Chrysler Group reported third-quarter losses Wednesday, joining Ford Motor Co., which on Monday posted a whopping US$5.8 billion loss. In contrast, Tokyo-based Honda Motor Co. reported a profit Wednesday, although less than the same period last year.

A $1.5 billion quarterly loss at Chrysler prompted some industry analysts to question whether its parent company would put it up for sale.

GM posted a $115 million loss for the third quarter on Wednesday, saying its results reflected benefits of its turnaround plan.

Honda said Wednesday that second-quarter profit slipped 4.3 per cent, but sales were strong especially in North America and Asia, where demand for fuel-efficient Japanese cars has been growing.

United Road

United Road has a pretty sweet website for POV. Probably has built-in functionality for auction and dealer freight as well.


ROUTE 18 JAMMED IN OLD BRIDGE Car carrier rams moving van
Minor injuries in a.m. accident
Home News Tribune Online 10/25/06

OLD BRIDGE — A car-carrier loaded with new Jeeps crashed into a moving van on Route 18 yesterday strewing furniture and boxed items from the moving van across the highway and the grass median.

The crash occurred shortly after 9:30 a.m., according to township police, and stalled traffic in the area for hours.

No serious injuries were reported.

The moving van was attempting to cross Route 18 south from the Spring Valley Road jughandle when the car carrier, traveling south on Route 18 in the fast lane, hit the moving van, with the impact causing both vehicles to veer onto center grass median, township police Sgt. Robert Greenway said yesterday afternoon.

Only one lane of Route 18 south was open and northbound traffic was being diverted onto Marlboro Road around the accident scene and back onto Route 18 yesterday. Traffic was backed up for the better part of the day in both directions.

The auto-transport driver was taken to Raritan Bay Medical Center in the township for treatment of minor injuries and released.

A passenger in the moving van was treated at the scene for minor injuries.

A careless driving summons was issued to the moving van's driver.

Police interviewed three witnesses at the scene, but no further details were available. Police did not release the identity of the drivers or the passenger.

Contributing: Staff writers Mary Ann Bourbeau and Ken Tarbous

New: Loans for Auto Transport Equipment

OK, you almost have to be crazy to buy a new car hauler trailer right now, but I suppose if you have an established business, and your rig is worn out-- you gotta do what you gotta do.

Here is a place where you can get same day answers (theoretically) AND store your info on a secure server.

If this kind of stuff makes you nervous, you're not alone-- but here is something to look for whenever you're buying something online or using sensitive info. Look up in the URL pane (the little box thingy with the www address). It should say https:// if it's a secure site. If it's just a regular site, it will say http:// before the

General Motors Renault Nissan

As Nostril-damn-us predicted in the year 2005 AD, General Motors is looking to spin off an underperformer. I mean, why just shut it down (Oldsmobile) when you can sell it to the Korean companies who are getting ready to forfeit the lower price tier to the Chinese?

Other Nostril-damn-us predictions:

Watch for used truck prices to drop 15-20% in the second quarter of '07.
Peterbilt will announce a restructuring.
A heavy truck division of a (sort-of) foreign company will change hands.
Fuel prices will jump up to 4.23 in California.
Load prices will slide down in the middle of the country, but start picking up on the left coast.
Hillary Clinton will begin her bid for the presidency, going on a "Listening Tour" in which she visits every county seat of every southern state. Bill will be by her side, but will be forced to wear mittens stapled to the sleeves of his suit coat. (Lots of interns on the bus.)
Intelligent life from another planet will finally make contact. They will meet with a dispatcher. They will decide to return wait another 10,000,000 years and see if another form of life evolves.

Web Dev. for Carhaulers

You should be thinking about how you are going to survive 2007. Orange Fractal could be part of that survival plan.

Free carhauler leads for all my friends.

OK. We're going to try something and see where it goes. Click on the uShip link and see what's up with these guys. In the long run, their concept could be good for consumers and car haulers... assuming consumers are smart enough to figure out that car haulers that have insurance and experience are preferable. Please report any experiences that make you hear a big sucking sound.

Got Auto Transport Equipment to Sell?

This is probably the best deal around!

Autohauler Shopper

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