Accurate Auto Transport Bankruptcy News: Trucks for Sale Soon.

OK, so this isn't the newest news about the Accurate bankruptcy, since they went bankrupt last Tuesday at 2:45 PM. Spoke with Dan, the former director of maintenance, and he said they've got the trucks staged at Baggettown, PA; Peoria, IL; and Houston, TX. There is a pending Internet-only auction. Dan said there are a few '05 and '06 Petes that have been well-maintained, as well as some nice Freightliner daycabs. Most of the trucks are around 500,000 to 600,000 miles, so it's going to be tricky separating the wheat from the chaff in this remote-viewing auction. Dan says for a modest fee, he'll tell you which ones are goodies and which ones are dogs. His cell number is 567-220-0288.

According to Dan, there was a decent buy-out offer on the equipment from United Road Services, but Citizens Bank thought they could get more money at auction for the trucks. Guess we'll see about that.

Car hauling rates about to rise? (Part 2)

More evidence of rates "bouncing along the bottom" from a friend of mine hauling new Mercedes to Utah-- he actually gets more hauling junked cars OUT of Utah than he gets hauling new Mercedes IN to Utah. Don't know if this means rates are about to rise in this low demand lane, but hard to imagine they could go down any more than that.