Where to find cars to haul.

Don't go to the ports... at least not right now. Talking with friends on west and east coast, I hear reports of declining volumes of cars to haul. Toyota's last ship until God knows when came into the west coast and that is (supposedly) the last full ship they'll send until late July early August at the earliest. I spoke with a car hauler who used to pull new cars out of Baltimore... he is now pulling auction freight down in Virginia. Guess it's a good time to be a used car dealer... this trend at least corroborated today by Automotive News, which reports values jumping to record levels for used cars. Some dealers keeping trades to sell on their own lots, but I bet you can expect a lot of dealer trades as the summer selling season heats up. According to Kelley Blue Book, the average trade value for a Toyota Prius jumped $3775. Well, I guess finally the used car dealers are getting some good karma after the horrible luck they had with "Cash for Clunkers".