Car carrier rolls on Route 54

Car carrier rolls on Route 54

I'm wondering how that Escalade was tied down.  I'm guessing straps, because the vehicle in the back was tied down with lasso straps.  Double ratchet system on that big SUV might have helped keep it on the trailer.  Still would have had damage, but might have avoided turning the Cadillac into a 5000 lb projectile. Not saying this guy had worn straps, but if your straps are frayed or nicked beyond 1/4 inch, toss them.  This sort of wheel strap costs 8-9 bucks. Buy your clothes from Wal-Mart if you need to save money, but don't run with worn out tie-downs.  Just saying.

Buy now or pay Uncle Sam later.

Just a friendly reminder: if your car hauling business runs on the regular calendar year, you've got less than two weeks to make any business purchases that you can use as deductible expenses on your 2010 taxes! So if there's any thing you might need, better buy it now, or give it to Uncle Sam to transfer to needy bankers.

Car Hauler Equipment Wanted

Perry Morgan is looking for a decent 5 pack daycab. If you've got something fairly decent, call (925) 455-6666. Note: this is a TRUCK. Please don't call and try to sell him your old wedge trailer.


Biggest single run car hauler ramp I've ever seen. Buy it now!

December  17th addendum
Gene from Pyramid left me a voice mail saying that he just received these ramps... thought they were so good-looking he wanted to hang them on the wall like a piece of art!