Wicked Strap Deal (auto tie-down)

Autohauler Supply has ratchet wheel straps on sale for $15.95 including ratchet!

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Ratchet Wheel Strap Deal

$15.95 each, including ratchet
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Car Auction Reviews

Online Auction For Land, Water and Air Vehicles
This is one site where all sort of transport vehicles (i.e. land, air and water vehicles) can be auctioned off for cheap. Why so cheap? This is because every month all sorts of cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, dirtbikes, RVs, ATVs, buses, aircrafts (planes, helicopters, etc.), boats and other watercrafts are seized vehicles and become government or bank property owing to seized and foreclosure laws.

Benefits Of Shopping Possessed Vehicles Through Online Auction
Lawful possession of vehicles can unfortunately be a problem to the government. The usual problem is not to keep them in possession for a prolong period owing to the enormous space required just to store these vehicles since there will be so many of them, including new arrivals, available daily.

The only way to save storage cost is to sell them off promptly. The fastest way is to auction them off online via the internet before any of these vehicles can reach the warehouse so that they would not pile up. Since time is of the essence, these vehicles, especially when there are 1000s of cars available daily and waiting in line, must be sold fast and cheap.

There is no better way to get a cheaper car and other vehicles on line than at Car-Auction for the constant exchange of vehicles and horrendous storage expense, forces the government to sell these vehicles as quickly as possible.

Thus the necessity and the pressure to sell gives buyers the advantage of getting them at a rock bottom prices which can often be up to 80-90% off the retail price. Therefore buying direct from the sources such as government and surplus auctions give buyers the opportunity to buy cheap and, thus, save a lot of money. The attractive part of such online auction is that the bidder can commence bidding as low as only $100. The other advantages of repo vehicle auction are:

* The bidder gets access to secret Repo auction.
* Bidding can start off at $100 or even less.
* Vehicles supplied for auction comes directly from the source and not through a middle person or another outlet.
* Vehicles are actually seized vehicles by police, IRS, etc. and are under legal possession.
* Vehicles are listed in every Country and State and thus it is a national bidding site that satisfies every person from varying locality nationwide.
* Vehicles are so wide range that the interested bidder can’t miss out to choose a particular make or model.
* Vehicles can be auctioned off at the most 90% cheaper than their respective retail prices.
* Vehicles are well serviced and maintained and can be of low mileage.
* Bidders get new supply of vehicles daily for auction.

Cost Of Joining In The Bid
Just to get unlimited access to view all seized vehicles for auction (i.e. Car Repos, Truck Repos, Bus Repos, Plane Repos, Motorcycle Repos, Boat Repos, Canoe Repos, RV Repos, Camper Repos, ATV Repos, Dirtbike Repos, and more) the membership fee is only $9.95. But, to engage in repo auction, there are 3 possibilities of joining in for the bidding:

* You can subscribe for V.I.P. Unlimited Repo Auction (originally at $59.95), now offered at $29.99. This is a single time fee only. You will never be re-billed for getting direct access to Car-Auction automatically. However, you must check out for this offer since this particular promotion is not permanent.
* You can subscribe for 1 year Repo Auction for $19.99
* You can subscribe for 2 year Repo Auction for $24.99

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