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It's kind of funny-- I was just talking with Randy Swift of Auto Transport Repair in Seattle about this company. Just got the following story delivered to my mailbox by the Google 'Bot. Originally published by Transport Topics

Allied Holdings Reports $10 Mln. First-Quarter Loss

Auto hauler Allied Holdings Inc. reported a net fourth-quarter loss of $10.1 million or $1.13 per share, compared with a loss of $9 million or $1.03 last year.

Allied said the higher loss was due to higher pension costs, workers’ compensation increases and interest expenses.

The company’s revenue rose 4.1% to $221 million for the quarter, Allied said in a statement Tuesday. The gain reflected higher revenue per delivered vehicle, which was partially offset by a 2.7% decline in the volume of vehicles delivered.

Its stockholders’ equity dropped to negative $51.9 million for the quarter from negative $41.5 million at the end of 2004, the company’s financial statement showed.

Allied is ranked No. 22 on the Transport Topics 100 list of the largest U.S. and Canadian trucking companies.

By Transport Topics

This is a scale model build by Ed Richardson. To find out more about these models, go to Posted by Hello

Classic Trucks

OK, OK, I know a dump truck and a tow truck aren't autohaulers, but I couldn't resist putting these up. Anybody got any pictures of old carhaulers? Send me an email and we'll put them up. Scans of old carhaulers, pictures of old carhaulers, antique carhauler websites. Let us know what's out there.

1933 Ford Dump Truck Posted by Hello

Hoist it up the old-fashioned way! Posted by Hello

Antique Tow Truck: Tilton, NH Posted by Hello

Another View. Posted by Hello | You need a hose fast? Here's how to get one | You need a hose fast? Here's how to get one

This sounds like a good company for autohaulers! (Especially the guys who haven't taken the time to put together a breakdown kit!)

Reader Feedback

"If this is the"CARHAULER"news why aren't you reporting the news?90% of the post are for someone's monetary gain.The carhaul industry is in big trouble,The CORPORATE PIGS are trying to take it all and we take an excellent media outlet to hawk our wares and not present the facts,wake up."

Got this email today from a reader. Anybody who feels the same way should click the link in the top righthand corner and send me their news and/or opinion pieces. Ideally, I'd like 90% of content to be from readers reporting on the state of the industry as they see it in their locale.

Currently, most of the news is delivered to my email by Google 'bots which hunt for keywords embedded in news stories and websites posted to the Internet.

I do believe that the way to a higher quality of editorial content is through people in the industry taking the time to write in. Until that happens, however, I have to rely on the 'bots and my own (admittedly) self-serving press releases about my company's tiny corner of the car hauling industry.

Let me encourage everybody out there to write in. If you've got something to say to everybody in the industry, this is your forum.

Another Car Auction Opens in Florida

Insurance Auto Auctions Announces Opening of Greenfield Facility in Jacksonville, Florida:

Is Florida the car hauling capitol of the world? Sure seems like it.

How to Move 3000 Cars at Once.

TheHawaiiChannel - KITV 4 News - Shipping Company Hopes To Challenge Matson

And you thought your truck payments were high? I wonder how much they're paying every month for this baby. If you click on the link and watch the tv newscast, the anchowoman says at the end of the segment that Pasha gets $899 to move a car from CA to HI. That's potentially $2,697,000 per load.

Auto Transport Options web page.

auto transport jobs: This site offers something called Auto Transport Newsletter. I haven't checked it out yet, but it sounds interesting. If someone knows any other sites offering newsletters, send me an email. (See top of navigation pane at right.) I'm also on the prowl to find out if there are any active auto transport associations.

GM, Ford Credit Ratings Lowered to 'Junk' Status

GM, Ford Credit Ratings Lowered to 'Junk' Status: "S&P cites their loss of market share but says there is no 'immediate risk of bankruptcy.'"

Unbelievable, but it happened.

I hate to tell you "I told you so...", but read my post from Wednesday, May 4th. I wonder if this means there will be less overweight fines now. Maybe we'll start having 15 car carriers, because everyone will start buying the Cooper Mini, Chevy Metro and Toyota Prius. Think I'm kidding?

SUV sales down by 17% during the last quarter as compared against last year's sales. I think auto manufacturers and those who service them will be in for a wild ride.

New Open Race Car Trailer

Auto Hauler Trailer - Connecticut Trailers - car transport trailer, open race car trailers

The Google "Bot" delivered this web page to my email this morning. Looks pretty cool. I wonder if anybody out there has bought one yet, and if we could get a review from them.

New Car Sales: Fuel Effect U.S.: "Toyota, Nissan U.S. Auto Sales Rise; GM, Ford Fall (Update16)"
Not good. But in terms of profit, they were putting all their eggs in one basket (trucks and SUV's). No other class of vehicles even came close. Of course, the real profit is generated by their financing arms. What's going to happen to people who opted for the 84 month loan terms for their new Suburbans? It'll be a while before they're not "upside-down" in the loan (owe more than the vehicle is worth). Eventually, there will be less SUV's getting hauled from the manufacturers and less SUV's getting hauled from dealers to auctions. All the people with the long loan terms will have to hang on and hope gas doesn't go to $3.00. And if it gets that high... God help us all.

Shameless Plug

Autohauler Shopper:
From the Word-of-Mouth Department

If you want to reach guys who drive auto transport trailers, this is where you should advertise. It doesn't get more direct than this.

Free Soft Ties for All My Friends!

Here's the latest from Autohauler Supply. They're giving away four free soft ties to the first ten customers who call them. The catch is, they want you to take pictures of the installation and use of these straps, and email them the pictures along with your comments. These are the new Universal Straps that you can use with your chain ratchet. They have cluster hooks at the end, but can also be used as soft ties in case your dispatcher sends you to pick up a load of Mercedes or Audis or Range Rovers or Volkswagens (or whoever else is the latest manufacturer to decide they don't want carhaulers using chains on their cars). You're supposed to be able to store these straps by winding them up on your chain ratchets, which would be an advantage over trying to figure out where to store forty ratchet strap soft-ties. Some guys claim you can use them for seats, driving down the road, but I'm not sure the D.O.T. would agree. If you've got a digital camera, take some pictures and get free straps. Car Moving Company Owner Arrested Car Moving Company Owner Arrested

Southerland Update.

ATA Launches Supplier Directory

ALEXANDRIA, VA -- An on-line supplier directory that puts trucking companies in touch with the products and services of American Trucking Associations' Allied members has been launched by ATA as a new industry benefit.

This one-stop online purchasing tool makes it easy for motor-carriers to find appropriate equipment manufacturers and service providers to meet a trucking company's direct operations and "back room" needs.

To access the directory, click here. Information can be searched by company name, business focus, through an alphabetical listing, or by city and state. If you would like to be listed in the ATA Supplier Directory, contact ATA Membership at 888-333-1759.

A Home for Car Haulers on the Web?

I think this may be an industry first. Autohauler Shopper has just published their introductory advertising rates for website, newspaper and email equipment updates. This is the only site of its kind to specialize in the carhauling industry.

Autohauler Shopper offers free classified advertising to companies hiring company drivers or auto transport owner operators. They also offer free classified advertising (plus photos) for individuals looking to sell their used car hauling equipment.

In addition to the sections for employment and used car hauling equipment, Autohauler Shopper also offers an online forum for drivers, as well as a section for maintenance tips and troubleshooting.

Registration is free.

Webmaster Roland Jonsson reported over 1,700 page views on just the thirteenth day after going live with the site on April 15th. He said there are plans in the works to offer premium services to users as well as corporate advertisers. (These will be developed for the "power user" of the site, like dealers or manufacturers who need to maintain multiple listings For more information, you can call their toll-free number 866-855-4285 (HAUL).