Car hauler wheel strap deals

For those of you thinking about ordering some ratchet wheel straps, they're on sale now at Autohauler Supply for $15.95. This is the best car hauler wheel strap deal out there that I know of.

Fuel Prices

Robert at Fast Line Auto Transport said one of his drivers paid $5.13 for fuel somewhere in New England. We were talking about the recent price increases in fuel, and he said that in past years, fuel cost was approximately 25% of revenue, in good times and in bad. He said now it's more like 50%. If fuel prices keep going up, they're going to need to come up with sky hooks or something to transport these vehicles!

Cottrell Lawsuit Update

Madison County Record | Stack allows Cottrell to go after defective idler supplier: "Georgia trailer maker Cottrell Inc., defending itself on an allegation that a defective idler caused a trucker's injury, claims to have discovered that it didn't provide or install the idler"

The Autohauler Shopper Forums • View topic - Sales & Service: The Best and the Worst

The Autohauler Shopper Forums • View topic - Sales & Service: The Best and the Worst: "Can't help but another BIG Kudos for Chris' Quality Welding in Fontana,Ca. second to NO ONE and Mid-western in kansas City, MO.....great work!! Chris has done almost a trick my truck kind of job on my headrack cuz an idiot that was not suppose to be driving hit me on the driver side causing me to jacknife..."

Latest Cottrell Recall

Heard through the grapevine that Cottrell has a recall on one of their trailers, something about stress fractures on the front posts. Might want to check that out if you've got one and give them a call. Checked their website, but couldn't find any safety bulletin, so it might be something Cottrell is handling through the mail directly with owners who bought specific units. I think they're replacing 3/16" material with 1/4 inch or putting on an additional gusset or something.

Truck and Trailer Recalls - Lawyer and Attorney - Truck Accident

Truck and Trailer Recalls - Lawyer and Attorney - Truck Accident: "Cottrell Car Haul Trailer Recall: Risk of Roof Coming off of Trailer
Cottrell is recalling 68 MY 2002-2007 C-8ENC enclosed car haul trailers that are equipped with roofs that raise and lower. The roofs are attached to a raising/lowering mechanism by round tubes that are welded to the roof. There are 4 tubes welded to each roof and 2 roofs per each complete piece of equipment."

Mini Car Hauler for Mini Cooper

Possibly the smallest car hauler in the world! Manufacturer, Dan Skorcz 714-936-9613

Allied Yucaipa

Does anyone know what's happening with Allied? They're sending owner operators back from Las Vegas empty, even though they (Allied Holdings) could make 35% on any of the freight that the drivers found on their own at the auction. Is anyone driving the bus?

Cottrell sued. Again.

Madison County Record | Cottrell, Inc. named in St. Clair County personal injury suit: "Cottrell, Inc. named in St. Clair County personal injury suit"

Hard to believe, but there is another Cottrell lawsuit in the news.

This time, apparently it is Cottrell's fault that their trailers get backed into things and bend the frame that encloses the loading skid. It is also their fault that the frame gets dirty and doesn't get washed. It is their fault that loading ramps wear out and don't get replaced. This is madness!

I've seen loading skids that stubbornly refused to go in properly or come out easily. It does take excessive force in some instances to use them. When the frame is not damaged, however, the design on the Cottrell trailer works great because there are two huge roller bearings that make it slide in and out much like the drawer of a filing cabinet.

On a trailer of this size, there is no way you could engineer a design that would not be susceptible to damage if the driver backs into a high curb or something (a common way these skid boxes get tweaked). I've seen Boydstun trailers that had the same problem.

GM Strike idling Penske auto transport

MyFox Kansas City | GM Strike Causes Supplier Layoffs: "GM Strike Causes Supplier Layoffs"

This is all in addition to the strike at Lansing and the threatened strike in Ohio. Look for more plant closures as the domestic auto makers grow weaker due to economic conditions and continued labor problems.

Jack Cooper Auto Transport

Trying to get a small UPS shipment in to Jack Cooper Transport-- UPS won't go in because of the strike in Kansas City.

Kaufman Trailer's new 5 car trailer

Just talked with Ken Carroll over at Kaufman trailers-- they've got a pretty cool little 5 pack you can haul behind a dually with a 5th wheel. You've got to see it to believe it. Go here to see Kaufman's new car carrier.

New Kia Assembly Plant

Well, if there's any bright side to the rising cost of gas, it might be this-- Kia has broken ground for a new auto assembly plant in Westpoint, Georgia. Guesstimate of plant completion date is late 2009. I've never been all that interested in Hyundai or Kia as a choice for a vehicle for myself, but I've got to admit the price they're advertising these cars for and the strong warranty gets my attention. Might get other folks attention when those economic stimulus checks start showing up in mailboxes this spring. Their fuel efficiency is certainly right up there.

Seems as if the auto industry is re-structuring itself as new plants owned by BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Kia, etc. open up in the southeastern states and more and more domestic plants close in the northern states. That's good news for fleets like Hansen and Adkins, Centurion, Waggoners and other auto transport companies that have a strong foundation in the Southeast and are already hauling cars for some of these manufacturing companies.