Unusual Phone Call from a Paralegal

The other day, I received a phone call from a woman who asked me if I knew if Boydstun was still in business. I said, "Why sure, they're in business." She explained that she had looked for them on line and hadn't been able to find anything. I said, "That's odd, perhaps they're working on their web server and the site is down temporarily." I looked up the phone number for Boydstun, and it was right after that when she said, "Oh, I'm not buying anything. I'm just doing some research. I'm a paralegal."

"Oh great," I said, thinking of all the problems Cottrell has had with personal injury attorneys.
These auto transport trailer manufacturers aren't going to get any rest until they have a warning label on every moving part on these car haulers and all sharp edges are covered with ten inches of foam padding. Hey! While we're at it, let's turn the rest of America into a giant day-care center.

I did a reverse look-up of the phone number on caller ID and found that she was calling from a law firm that handles litigation in San Francisco, California. http://www.gibsonrobb.com/index.html

Hopefully Boydstun doesn't have to deal with a bunch of crazy lawsuits like Cottrell did. (Read some of the posts below to hear the updates to all that mess.)

Lawyers! Doesn't it sometimes seem like there are too many people going into this field? Don't we need more machinists or librarians or school teachers or truck drivers? We've got three lawyers in our family, two of whom working at the top firms in town. We hang out with so many lawyers, sometimes I feel like one might turn around and bite me (like in those vampire movies) and the next thing I know, I'll be applying to law school or something.

Still, if I go to Burger King and pour a cup of hot coffee on my head, I'll have plenty of legal counsel. But all those attorneys sitting around the Christmas dinner? That and the turkey will make you fall asleep faster than C-Span during a senatorial filibuster where they're reading the phonebook.