More Litigation over Car Hauler Tie-Downs

Found this on a personal injury attorney's website. (This is also a strong argument for forged J hooks and not those bent S hooks.)

Pamela Withey has had decades of trial experience. She has recovered tens of millions of dollars for her clients in hundreds of different factual situations. She has won verdicts, negotiated settlements and collected on these judgments when necessary. Below you will find a sampling of the type of work she has done.

David Davis v. Vulcan Chain, et al. [Defective Product]

In this action brought under the theory of Products Liability, the plaintiff was securing a vehicle to a car hauler when an S-hook broke and caused severe and permanent injuries. In the case against a major manufacture, Attorney Withey secured a settlement of $1,100,000.00, despite disputed liability. In addition, she also recovered workers' compensation benefits for this injured worker in excess of $547,000.00.

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