New app for carhaulers

Just got this press release (below)  from Dave at EZ-Dispatch.  If you haven't checked out this software for carhaulers, you owe it to yourself to find out more.  It automates so many functions of the car hauling business, it is hard to enumerate them in one short article.  How would you like a program that allows you to scan a VIN and download auto data including weight?  Update your customers?  Create a bill of lading with the touch of a button.  Oh yes, and it is affordable, too.  Dave offers a money-back guarantee to his customers, and in all the years (six?  seven?) that he's been at this, he's never had to give anyone their money back.  It's that good.

So here is the latest news flash from EZ-Dispatch:

We have a free app for drivers using Android powered phones that will let them scan VINs. Not only will it insert them into the BOL and invoice for accurate billing, but also quickly tally the weights before loading. You can find the app on the android app store under EZDispatch and the instuctions for its use are on If this turns out to be popular with the drivers we will consider developing one for the iPhone as well. If you want to try the scanner and you do not have an EZDispatch login you can use driver for the login and driver for the password. If you have any questions you can reach our office at 405-382-2866.