Ford outsells GM; Hyundai and Kia sales waaaaaay up.

Auto sales up with economy, but buyers downsize | AP Business News - The News Tribune
The trends lifted U.S. sales of new vehicles by 17 percent from a year earlier to 1.25 million, a healthy rate that shows the auto industry's slow and steady recovery remains on track. The monthly sales pace, adjusted for seasonal differences and projected out for the year, came in at 13.1 million. That's higher than last year, but still far below recent boom years when car sales hit 16 million a year.

The March 11 earthquake in Japan had little impact on sales, although automakers said supplies of some cars could be tighter as spring progresses.

Hope industry execs are paying attention-- the companies that have invested resources in developing high quality, affordable  fuel-efficient cars are reaping the benefits.  (Ford's plant that produces the Focus used to build trucks.)  Sales of expensive gas guzzlers loaded with options are slowing... in some places anyway.  I was talking with a driver the other day who said almost all the vehicles he delivers in West Virginia are trucks worth $40,000 or more.