Dangerous customers for car haulers: Update

Update 03/9/11
Called up Antonio to see how he's doing, and he has shut down his car hauling business while he finishes physical therapy. He says there's no way to afford $1000 a month insurance while he's recuperating from the accident.  The customer who ran into him with her car after he unloaded is now being charged for a felony hit and run, because she wouldn't give him any insurance information.  According to Antonio, the lady claimed that her relationship was with the auto transport broker, so she felt it was unnecessary!

Just talked to a customer and was horrified to hear that he was bed-ridden after being run-over by a customer whose car he had just delivered!  He said he didn't remember much-- just hearing a noise and then falling and blacking out.  He was standing next to his truck when struck by the driver, who was an elderly lady.  I asked if he thought the lady stepped on the gas instead of the brake, but he can't remember what happened.  BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!  Don't assume people are going to do what they're supposed to do.  This guy was run over though no fault of his own, and now has to look forward to MRI scans, tests and therapy to try and get his life back in order.  There are worse things out there than brokers who don't pay you on time.