A Once in a Lifetime Chance to Meet a MINI Icon and Legend

R.A. Meets the legendary R.A.

As the saying goes:
"There is a reason and a time for everything"

Early morning of May 12, 2010, i received a message from
Doc Joey Luat of PINOYMINI CLUB. It said: "Good news!
Mr. Rauno Aaltonen, Monte Carlo Rallye Champ of 1967
arrived today. We are invited to join him for photo-op and
snacks at the MINI Showroom. A chance of a lifetime to be
with an icon and a legend.

Indeed an exhilarating news but unfortunately for me, I was
on the job and was not able to squeeze a time out from a
whole day photoshoot. It was a sad day. I missed what may
be my only chance of meeting the Monte Carlo Mini Cooper
Rally Driver and Winner.

The next day, though I was still recovering from that depressing
moment, I went to work. I proceeded to Heaven and Eggs G4
for a work meeting. Right after, I was with some colleagues
in the Glorietta 4 driveway when a white BMW Mini Cooper drove
in. Naturally. my heart skipped a beat at the sight of my favorite car.

The funny thing was I knew the lady who was driving it so i waved
at her. It was Ms. Cielo of MINI Global City. To my surprise,
she invited me to ride with her to the parking area and asked me to
join her because she was on her way to the Ascott Hotel to meet
Mr. Aaltonen!

And so it happened. It was a MINI miracle to have a second chance
on that once in a lifetime opportunity and honor to meet, shake hands
and have the autograph of the 1967 Monte Carlo MINI Marvel.

It was priceless!
What i thought was a missed opportunity suddenly became a reality.

This may be a very emotional manner of narrating a simple event in
once life. But for someone who is so passionate with the MINI,
a single chance of being with or being this close to any part or personality
of the MINI's history - will always be a very overwhelming experience. =)

And so i share with you how R.A. meets The R.A.
Rachelle Aquilizan of Manila meets
Rauno Aaltonen, the Monte Carlo Champion!

"For Rachelle / Binimini, with best regards and real MINI wishes - Rauno Aaltonen"