Propaganda to get you to vote Democrat this year

Yes, I really sent this to my parents-- my dad, a dyed-in-the-wool Republican and my mom, a true undecided.

Hey mom-- make sure dad reads this!

Here is my propaganda to get you to vote Democrat this year:

We get the government we deserve. In 2004 we re-elected Bush. In 2000, it could be argued that we didn't know better. Not in '04. We can't pin every problem we're facing on "W", but with hindsight, it is clear that some problems we're in were compounded by his actions.

* massive increases in government spending
* no more surpluses-- huge deficits in the budget as far as the eye can see
* doubling of the government debt
* Bin Laden and extremists of his ilk still out there
* un-insured's emergency room visits getting passed on to insureds in the form of increased costs. these people's conditions might be managed for pennies on the dollar with medicine before they need expensive E.R. treatments , but anything other than the status quo is resisted by the G.O.P. as "socialized medicine.

The Republican party used to be fiscally conservative. Not any more. That's why I am no longer a Republican. But I didn't leave the party. They left me. Say what you will about Bill Clinton's personal conduct, his successful battle against government budget deficits was masterful. Part of his effort was politically unpopular-- raising taxes, and trimming entitlements. But he turned around the budget deficits that were the legacy of the Reagan-Bush era. And the economy didn't self-destruct, even though he came to office directly following the recession of '91.

This election, I encourage you to re-evaluate how you look at things.

* Are we better off than we were four years ago? Eight years ago?
* What are the qualitative differences between McCain and Bush policies?
o I haven't seen much difference, other than a campaign promise about health tax company sponsored health benefits in exchange for a $5000 tax credit. This bill, if it even becomes a bill, will almost certainly die in committee on capitol hill.
* Has anyone talked about how to constrain these budget deficits, or the risks entailed to the economy if we don't?

My personal belief is that people will decide the presidential race based on the most important thing, something I haven't yet heard a debate moderator even ask!

Who will be the best unifier of the country? Who will bring people together to solve our common problems?

Think about it before you pull that lever or mark that ballot!