Another drugs & car hauler story

DPS dog sniffs out hidden drugs in truck being hauled on I-10 | ®: "The Arizona Department of Public Safety discovered drugs inside a pickup truck being carried on a car hauler east of Tucson Tuesday morning.
At 10:46 a.m., on Interstate 10 east of Tucson between the turnoff to Arizona 83 and Benson, a Department of Public Safety officer stopped an eastbound car hauler, said Carmen Figueroa, spokeswoman for the Arizona Department of Public Safety.
A drug sniffing dog alerted the officer to the odor of drugs in a pickup truck, she said. They found drugs in a false bed or a pickup, she said."

Sounds like this driver had nothing to do with it. Folks, I'm telling you, the drug enforcement authorities are focusing their attention on car haulers. Keep your nose clean! (literally AND figuratively) You don't want to haul some loads. Drugs are bad, m'kay?