Insurance for Car Haulers

Ever had to deal with general insurance provider who knew little and cared even less about the auto hauling business? We've heard of plenty of nightmarish scenarios-- weeks of downtime waiting for binders that never showed up, and when they did, they had liability but no cargo insurance.

There are plenty of companies out there willing to sell you some sort of insurance, but we can guarantee you there aren't many insurance agents with car hauling experience.

One notable exception is Tony Taylor, owner of Tony Taylor insurance. Tony owned a car hauling business in California for several years before he went through the training necessary to become a licensed insurance agent.

Tony has created a package of insurance that is designed to make sure your business is covered in all scenarios, including accident, burglary, theft and more! If your insurance agent doesn't have experience with car hauling, it's possible you may have serious gaps in your coverage-- gaps you won't find out about until you have a claim denied by your insurance carrier!

To find out more, check out Tony's new website for car hauler insurance.