Cylinder kit repacking tool will pay for itself!

This tool is awesome!:
If you're tired of paying somebody a hundred bucks to repack one cylinder-- you should try this tool! What does this thing do? You know how hard it is to get seals into the top cap of an aluminum hydraulic cylinder? This tool has spring-loaded fingers that will curl up the seal in such a way, that when you depress the handles, it pops into place!

Here's a useful tip for you guys who want to take out the old seals-- trust me, this will keep you from damaging the cylinder eye nut grooves. Take an old flathead screw driver and grind off the corners-- make them nice and rounded. Also helps if you get it kind of thinned out. Then you can use these to pry out the seals that set way down in those grooves. If you don't get rid of the edges, or you use something to sharp and nasty, you risk damaging the grooves, which will mess up the new seals that you're going to put into that old cylinder you're trying to save.