Boydstun has a new website and phone number.

Boydstun announced recently that they have a new toll-free phone number and a new website, including parts catalogs in PDF format (you can download them and store them on your computer or print them out). Sounds like they have a new phone system that can transfer you to whatever department or even location (Portland vs. Jacksonville) that you need.

Toll-Free Customer Service Phone Number

For the first time, customers requiring assistance or general company information can now call Boydstun directly and for free. The new toll-free number connects callers to a central dispatch officer who will route them to the appropriate department. Callers can use this number to speak to the Sales, Warranty or Finance Departments, schedule a repair or order parts, among other requests.

The following is an excerpt of a press-release sent to Car Hauler News:

The number (1-877-437-8952) is answered from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. Customers can be connected to either the Portland, Oregon or the Jacksonville, Florida locations. Callers using this toll-free service after hours can leave a message and will be contacted during normal business hours.

What the auto transport industry really needs is one phone number that will take you to the parts department for all trailer manufacturers. Wait a minute-- they already have that... It's called C.F. Bender!