Must-See Condo Car Hauler

During a recent trip to Detroit, I had the pleasure of meeting Bob Anderson an owner operator for Reliable Carriers, headquarters in Canton, Michigan. Bob and his wife, Shirley, have been together for thirty-seven years, and she has been hauling cars for five years. Usually, they drive team, but on the day I met Bob, she was taking a breather while overseeing a house remodel. Bob says she expects to be on the road again soon.
Here is some more information about the truck: Bob had it custom built (sorry, don't remember who did the work!). That TV is a 32 inch plasma, and it goes with the home theater sound system. The bathroom has a shower, toilet and sink. If you wanted, you could probably cook a full Christmas dinner in the kitchen!
I hope you enjoy the pictures I took of Bob and Shirley's condo. It sure was an eye-opener for me! Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to ask Bob more questions about the truck, because he was getting ready to go pick up a load of cars. For those of you wanting to know more details, this truck has been featured on other news publications, too, so a Google search might turn up more info.
By the way, if any of you are curious about Reliable Carriers, when I asked Bob how he liked the company, he said: "Best place I've ever worked for!" He has been hauling cars since 1984 and has been with Reliable for the past thirteen years. I don't know if Reliable is currently hiring, but most companies are always looking for experienced car haulers.