General Motors Renault Nissan

As Nostril-damn-us predicted in the year 2005 AD, General Motors is looking to spin off an underperformer. I mean, why just shut it down (Oldsmobile) when you can sell it to the Korean companies who are getting ready to forfeit the lower price tier to the Chinese?

Other Nostril-damn-us predictions:

Watch for used truck prices to drop 15-20% in the second quarter of '07.
Peterbilt will announce a restructuring.
A heavy truck division of a (sort-of) foreign company will change hands.
Fuel prices will jump up to 4.23 in California.
Load prices will slide down in the middle of the country, but start picking up on the left coast.
Hillary Clinton will begin her bid for the presidency, going on a "Listening Tour" in which she visits every county seat of every southern state. Bill will be by her side, but will be forced to wear mittens stapled to the sleeves of his suit coat. (Lots of interns on the bus.)
Intelligent life from another planet will finally make contact. They will meet with a dispatcher. They will decide to return wait another 10,000,000 years and see if another form of life evolves.