Interesting post found on Corvette site regarding auto transport.

I can't remember what the heck I was looking for when I found this post. I thought the guy from Dependable Auto Transport was pretty honest, though.

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Several folks used Reliable Transport for a RT from Houston to BG for the fest, with good reports.
Here are some others gleaned from forum searches:
Auto Transport contact info


These are the top four, based on Z06 Forum members’ experiences.

InterCity Lines, Inc. Phone: 1-800-221-3936

Exotic Car Transport: 407 654-9949

Passport transport 800-325-4267

Horseless carriage 800-631-7796

Here is a posting on one of the discussion threads from a shipping consultant:

I work for an auto transport company, Dependable Auto Shippers. We have open carriers, as well as enclosed. The enclosed units are the same design as BMW carriers, except for the graphics. No matter what company you choose, ship the vette on an enclosed car carrier. The enclosed units utilize a fabric hold down strap that wraps around the rubber the tire. Open carriers use chains to secure the vehicle, and if you notice vehicles on an open carrier, there is no suspension travel because they crank the chains down as much as possible to get maximum overhead clearance. Some carriers even wrap these chains around suspension components. In this case the likely hood of damage is high.
Transport on an enclosed unit is more expensive than an open carrier. Typically open carriers can haul up to 12 vehicles, compared to an open carrier up to 8 vehicles. The cost per vehicle is higher on an enclosed unit.
The carriers mentioned in this thread, Intercity lines & Horseless Carriage are also very good companies. If you would like a quote or if I can be of any assistance, please let me know.

Here are some links to discussion threads on shipping.