Budget Tow Dolly Trailer Straps

Here is a product I'll bet folks have been having trouble finding.

Replacement Strap for Budget Rental Tow Dolly

List Price: $39.95
Our Price: $24.95 $16.20

Adjustable tow dolly strap with loop sewn in end to fit on rod. Fits Budget Rental tow dolly. This one is better than the one that came with it, because the four inch strap that goes over the top has three adjustments. Allows you to tow cars with 13" to 18" tires and get a good, snug fit.

Product Details

3000 pound safe WLL Steel ring on the end of 2 inch lasso strap wears better than the old sewn loop. Manufactured in western Pennsylvania. Apparently, when Budget sold all their old Tow Dolly trailers, they misplaced the number of the company who sold them their replacment straps. The picture shows a flat hook: this is what goes on our standard tow dolly strap. The Budget tow dolly strap has a sewn loop instead of a flat hook. Much thanks to one of our latest new customers, Brad in Indiana , for making us aware that folks were having trouble finding straps for the Budget Rental Tow Dolly. Apparently, there are thousands of these Budget trailers out there that have been orphaned after the company changed ownership. If you are an employee working for Budget Rental, and someone like Brad calls looking for replacement tow dolly straps, now you know where to send them! Thanks, Brad! We'll be putting these up on Ebay and Craig's list soon to get the word out to all the Budget trailer owners with frayed tow dolly straps.