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Sent: Saturday, November 12, 2005 7:18 AM
Subject: Autohauler Shopper: CARHAULER

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Been a carhauler for 35+ years.I've been an O/O and 20+ years Union Carhaul,I've seen a lot and have experienced more.I'm sure of one thing carhauling is about to change and only the most forward thinking and logical will survive.Allied is proof of how corp. greed and non-logical thinking have almost destroyed an industry with so much potential.As the average length of hauls shrunk all the big companies did was lobby for bigger more complex trucks to ward off lost revenues.but they forgot a big factor larger and more complex trucks need attention and to be replaced.Now they have backed themselves into a corner with a fleet of very old and unsafe,not to mention non revenue producing trucks.No where in the trucking industry do you see a sucessful operation run trucks more than 5 years old,lets not forget how complex and large these 75+ foot long trucks are.Plus they have virtually no life after there usefullness has been stretched to the max.Common sense seems to take a back ! seat toCorp. greed.
In a world where technology has made everything more productive and safe,carhaul some how was left behind.Just a thought ,but just maybe bigger is not about relacable power units pulling trailers with maximized load capacities and a lot less complexity.who WOULD OF THOUGHT SMALLER COULD BE SMARTER.WOW!!!!!!!!