Idling Laws Again!

News Release: 2005-10-24 -- Air Resources Board Adopts Rule Limiting "Unnecessary Idling" of Heavy Duty Trucks
News Release: 2005-10-24 -- Air Resources Board Adopts Rule Limiting "Unnecessary Idling" of Heavy Duty Trucks: "
"Now's the time to look into buying an anti-idling system like a Frigette. The good news is that you can take accelerated depreciation of assets for 2005. Check with your tax professional on all the details. Further good news is that you'll save a lot of money in wasted fuel.Installed correctly, these anti-idling systems will pay for themselves with the savings in fuel cost. You can run your AC in the summer, plus have a couple outlets with 110V juice for your TV and DVD player. Sure, sure-- you've already got an inverter. But can your inverter run on a tenth of a gallon of fuel per hour. Didn't think so.Problem is, these systems are not cheap, so you better have two to four thousand dollars that doesn't have a home yet. Another problem is if you get one of these systems installed by someone who doesn't know what they're doing. The technology is still relatively new, and a lot of the components are manufactured in Japan, England and God knows where else. They're tricky little things that can malfunction if they're put in wrong.Long term, it's a good investment to get an auxilary power unit (APU). Just make sure the place you're buying it from has a couple technicians who REALLY know what they're doing. Ask the shop how long they've been putting them in. Ask if you can talk to the technician directly. Ask whether the shop stocks replacement parts: fuel filter, oil filter, AC hoses. Ask how much money these cost, and what you can expect to spend on annual upkeep. Ask the technician if your truck and sleeper present any special challenges that may end up costing you more. (Remember, it's the technician who knows these things-- and the only way to tell if a salesman is lying is to see if his lips are moving.)Ask how many units they've sold, and if you could talk to a couple other drivers who have had them for a while. Call these guys up and find out what they like and don't like about their units.One guy that seems to know quite a bit about the new Frigette auxilary power unit is Tony at VA Enterprises. His number is 843-393-4243