Car Hauler News Exclusive: Slip Plate (TM) Has Competition!

Time was, Slip Plate brand graphite lubricant was the graphite to lubricate your carhauler's posts and decks. Carhauler News has found that another major graphite manufacturer has jumped into the carhauler market with both feet first. Asbury Graphite, a division of Asbury Carbon, is now producing a product called Slide 'n Glide. It has a mineral spirit base, which means it can be shipped by regular UPS-- no more $82 freight bills for one gallon!

Asbury Graphite is an OEM supplier to Cottrell Trailers.

Once the busy season gets over, you guys know you should get back to the shop and sand off those old posts and put on some fresh graphite! Asbury Graphite sells Slide and Glide in gallons and quarts, as well as spray cans.

If you're a diehard Slip Plate fan, I think CF Bender has the best price and delivery.

If you want to try the new Slide and Glide or Slide 'n Glide graphite for carhaulers, you can buy it from the following companies:

The Graphite Store
Truck and Tow
The Car Hauler Super Store
Autohauler Supply