Ratchet Wheel Straps

If recent sales of ratchet wheel straps to VW overflow carriers is any indication, it could be that the days of the cluster chain are numbered. How long before Toyota logistics goes this direction? I don't think the Cottrell lawsuit had anything to do with it, but the movement of the industry away from 1/4 diameter grade 70 cluster chains to 5/16" grade 70 cluster chains may fuel still further sales of the ratchet wheel straps. (Who wants that extra weight?)

Boydstun trailers now come with strap, at least the Boydstun trailer with screw actuator. With less weight from hydraulic line and chains, they estimate between 1000-2000 lbs of saved weight, depending on configuration. Don't know if the Cottrell screw trailer has the same weight savings or not.

Looks like the foreign car makers got complaints from their dealers about damage, which caused them to go to the soft ties. (Porsche, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen and BMW are among the few that come to mind, and I'm sure I'm missing some.)

Word is that General Motors is contemplating switching somewhere around 2007 if the rumor mill is accurate, which it rarely is.

Seems like the planets are getting lined up to make this a strap-on world before too long.

Here's a few places that sell ratchet wheel straps:

CF Bender Stocks for immediate delivery. Midwest US
Autohauler Supply New online catalog. Ships direct from manufacturer in Michigan.
Cottrell Many parts available for online ordering. Georgia.
Delavan Quicker delivery time and less shipping if you're in NY area