Complete Heights, Weights, Lengths for Vehicles

Tom Bisbee sent me a copy of his new book, Transporter's Vehicle Directory. It's got the length, width, height and curb weight of over 9900 vehicles. (1995-2005 model years).

If I was a broker or a transporter, I'd sure want to have a copy of it. If it saves you from one fine, it's more than paid for itself. Plus, I've got to think it would make figuring out loads a lot easier. I'm planning on making this book available in my online catalog (should be online by Aug). But if you can't wait that long, go to and buy a copy directly from Tom.

I personally talked to the author of this book to find out a little more information. Tom Bisbee has many years of experience in logistics and as a broker. I think he's forgotten more than some people know about the business, so his book has my recommendation.