New Car Sales: Fuel Effect U.S.: "Toyota, Nissan U.S. Auto Sales Rise; GM, Ford Fall (Update16)"
Not good. But in terms of profit, they were putting all their eggs in one basket (trucks and SUV's). No other class of vehicles even came close. Of course, the real profit is generated by their financing arms. What's going to happen to people who opted for the 84 month loan terms for their new Suburbans? It'll be a while before they're not "upside-down" in the loan (owe more than the vehicle is worth). Eventually, there will be less SUV's getting hauled from the manufacturers and less SUV's getting hauled from dealers to auctions. All the people with the long loan terms will have to hang on and hope gas doesn't go to $3.00. And if it gets that high... God help us all.