Free Soft Ties for All My Friends!

Here's the latest from Autohauler Supply. They're giving away four free soft ties to the first ten customers who call them. The catch is, they want you to take pictures of the installation and use of these straps, and email them the pictures along with your comments. These are the new Universal Straps that you can use with your chain ratchet. They have cluster hooks at the end, but can also be used as soft ties in case your dispatcher sends you to pick up a load of Mercedes or Audis or Range Rovers or Volkswagens (or whoever else is the latest manufacturer to decide they don't want carhaulers using chains on their cars). You're supposed to be able to store these straps by winding them up on your chain ratchets, which would be an advantage over trying to figure out where to store forty ratchet strap soft-ties. Some guys claim you can use them for seats, driving down the road, but I'm not sure the D.O.T. would agree. If you've got a digital camera, take some pictures and get free straps.